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Malaysia’s Largest Muslimah T-shirt store

As the name suggest we are the leading brand for the world of muslimah t-shirt. Even if we are the leading brand most of our product are affordable by most people and have unique design. Odeen Marketing ( JM06581 47-T ) primarily based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, was a company…

Face Mask Odeen

Our Premium Fabric Face Mask has a variety of color and size that can be choose. Protect ourselves and we protect everyone! Odeen Premium Fabric Face Mask is an initiative taken by Odeen to help reduce the risk of infection and protection to individuals.      This Premium Fabric Face Mask…

Odeen Hijab

First collection of Bawal Instant by Odeen Hijab. Azalea was named for the first collection of Odeen Hijab Instant Bawal. Azalea describes the strength in softness coincides with the design of Odeen Hijab which applies abstract and floral elements with colors and designs chosen according to the personality of the…

About Us

Odeen Tshirt Muslimah is the top leading Muslimah & Muslimin supply and market in Malaysia. We offer variety of choices, exclusive long shirt with premium quality, comfortable and affordable competitive price.

We research fabric and design that will satisfy our customers while meeting their expectation from our product. We have sold our design and name all around the country but we can provide great service and can still be a person who can hang around and have a coffee with.

We specialize in developing high end product for our customer. Typically involving brand new and a higher degree of fabric or design that’s up to par in this day of age.

Odeen Marketing

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