Our Premium Fabric Face Mask has a variety of color and size that can be choose. Protect ourselves and we protect everyone!

Odeen Premium Fabric Face Mask is an initiative taken by Odeen to help reduce the risk of infection and protection to individuals.

     This Premium Fabric Face Mask is specially designed with the effectiveness of three layers of filters to protect you and the people around you from fluid due to sneezing or phlegm due to cough. It works to prevent you from spreading germs to other individuals.


Surgical Face Mask can only be used once use and should be removed with the right steps as it is not designed for repeated use. It is more ideal to change and discard with the right steps after 4 hours. It also requires high cost for the public to use Surgical Face Mask as daily use. Suitable for health personnel, especially those who handle infected patients and individuals in the High-Risk area.

The premium fabric face mask has anti bacterial material. A lot’s of color that is made by our company which is Burgundy, Denim, Cloud Grey, Black, White and Navy Blue. Other than that, many size avaibe for the face mask which is Adult has width about 27.5 cm, the height is 14 cm and the width without ear loop is 19.5 cm. A junior ( 8 – 15 years ) has width, 35.5 cm and height is 11 cm, width withour ear loop is 18 cm. Lastly is kid ( 4 – 7 years ) has width 23 cm, height 9 cm and width without ear loop is 15 cm.

     Premium Fabric Face Mask is more suitable for use by the public and individuals in the Low-Risk area as recommended by the WHO. It is more casual but needs to be washed every time use and it is recommended to use it after 20-30 times only to maintain the effectiveness of filters and fabric contamination. This is because the level of moisture in the fabric causes a lot of germs to accumulate and the likelihood of contamination is high. Therefore, Premium Fabric Face Mask is specially designed using Micro Quick Dry Fabric for Odorless function on the inner lining.

How to wear : The outer fabric is one with ODEEN’s logo on the right side. pick mask by touching ear loops, hold both ear loops and place a loop around each ear or extension. Fit mask securely over the mouth, chin and nose. We suggest to dispose any fabric facemask after 20 – 30 wash for hygiene and anti bacterial purpose.

The use of Polypropylene Non-Woven on the middle layer serves as a Filter from liquids due to sneezing or phlegm due to cough. The outer layer of Premium Fabric Face Mask is using Sandwich Fabric serves as Protect and easy to breathe due to the special features of the fabric and more efficient.

However, any type of face mask available on the market is not a completely immune tool from virus / infection attacks as long as you do not properly maintain personal hygiene, proper self-care measures, social imprisonment, adopt new norms set by the government . The cooperation of the people determines the success of the COVID-19 infection chain break. Obey the SOP and practice the new life normally.

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