As the name suggest we are the leading brand for the world of muslimah t-shirt. Even if we are the leading brand most of our product are affordable by most people and have unique design.

Odeen Marketing ( JM06581 47-T ) primarily based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, was a company supply and market Odeen Muslimah & Muslimin clothing brand. We are established since 2013 and has grown until now with over 3000 agents throughout Malaysia.

We offers a wide selection of ready-to-wear attire with suitable, acceptable and inclusive designs. We are ready to meet the demand of muslimah fashion worldwide. We provides contemporary modest clothing while keeping up with the rapidity of current style, varieties of color choice, relevant design and we assure that our products are tailored exclusively from high premium quality fabrics and sewn with great care and high-end tailoring. We provide exclusive designs of the highest standards at affordable price ranges.

We also provides heatpress printing service and other services. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Telegram channel to get updates.

Our store is located at No 13, Jalan Bakti, Larkin Industrial Estate, 80350 Johor, Bahru. Our store operates from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. We take a good care of our customer service and satisfy them with the stock we have. The stock we have is very much to convince everyone and to let them know we always have a ready stock.

To please our customers, we always give them an honest and more detailed explanation. We have many stocks of different types of designs for them to choose from. Our products prioritize quality materials to ensure customers comfort while wearing them.

The stock we have will always be available in advance for our customers and stored well. Apart from that, we have various sizes of shirts that can be worn by different types of body sizes. Long and comfortable wear is always our priority and tagline.

This is also a lot of stock that we always have and can be given to customers. If requested, can contact our company to get a Muslimah and muslimin wear and comfortable material to wear always and long.

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