First collection of Bawal Instant by Odeen Hijab.

Azalea was named for the first collection of Odeen Hijab Instant Bawal. Azalea describes the strength in softness coincides with the design of Odeen Hijab which applies abstract and floral elements with colors and designs chosen according to the personality of the wearer and suitable to be styled for all ages.

This Instant Bawal concept is suitable to be styled for Muslim women who want to look beautiful and stylish but easy and fast without thinking about the awning problem of difficult shape, that can definitely destroy the daily mood. By using high quality scuba awning material after this, Muslim women are easier to style with the concept of ready to go.

Size field 50, muslimah will look more polite coupled with high quality chiffon material that is very flowy and easy to style with various styles. The latest design with soft colors and pop-ups is suitable for Muslim women who want to look more confident.

The Azalea collection has 10 types of designs with a variety of attractive colors. Each design has its own name which is Midnight Spark, Autumn Glory, Dreamy Forest, Peachy Ginger, Lovely Blossoms, Beauty Bold, Charming Blush, Belle Noir, Misty Sky and Mellow Jade.


– Body: High Quality Chiffon

– Awning: High Quality Scuba


– Exclusive design

– Size: 50 inch field

– Labuh

– Very comfortable

– Not uncommon

– No express

– Travel friendly

– Easy to iron

– Not easily crumpled

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